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Content Byte is a complete information unit with smallest size, micro-reports for easy usage and affordable price

Features of Content Byte

  • Efficient access to information

    Grab the target information quickly and easily and present it in a simple format.
  • Powerful data volume

    Access to 80,000 individual unique units of data from across a wide range of industries and product categories, all excerpted from our internal databases and products.
  • Convenient online using

    Break the space limitations. You can use it anywhere if you are authorized the right.
  • Cost-effective

    Only pay for the target information. No need to buy what you don’t need.

Content byte can be presented as one of the following components: text, figure, table, or group (any two or three in combination).

Text Sample

After reviewing the historical and current glyphosate industry, CCM estimated that glyphosate price will have a slight increase in 2012, but that the increase space is limited and reasonable.The reasons are listed as follows:

- Increased raw material price

With the increase in CPI and house prices, along with improvements in technology in China in recent years, Chinese consumption concepts change too. People require more salary, causing an increasing labor cost, which increases the price of chemical materials.

- Unstable exchange rate

The exchange rate of the RMB against the USD is precarious and most producers think that the exchange rate will still be at a low level in 2012. Thus, they need to increase the sales price to offset the loss caused by the low exchange rate.

Figure Sample

Table Sample

Group Sample